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(Last Updated On: March 19, 2023)

Can i use cpap without water?

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NB: We don’t sell any product. We provide authentic information only.

Can i use cpap without water?

It is not mandatory that you need to use water while using a cpap machine. But at first, you should know the necessity of using water while operating a cpap machine. 

If you are suggested to use a cpap machine, for the first few days you will face a number of problems while using it. Such as irritation, dry throat, dry nose, dry mouth, runny nose, etc. 

Here the dry mouth and nose happen because, with a cpap machine, you intake high pressured air which dries your mouth and nose. 

To avoid these problems a humidifier is recommended to use with the cpap machine. Generally, a cpap machine comes with a built-in humidifier. 

This humidifier can be filled with water and this water is mixed with air while using the cpap machine and creat moisture to avoid dry mouth and dry nose.

Only, for this reason, water is needed while using a cpap machine. 

Now come to the point. Can you use cpap with water? Basically, if you don’t need to use a humidifier you will be able to use a cpap without water, The cpap machine will run perfectly, and will produce enough positive air pressure. 

So it is very much possible to use a cpap without water. But for the maximum case y may t s a humidifier which requires water to operate.

How does a cpap humidifier work?

There are two types of humidifiers that can add moisture to the pressurized air. 

Heater humidifiers use a hot plate under the water chamber and heat the water and vaporize it.  and it sends the moisture to the air. 

On the other hand in the Passover humidifier, the air passes through the water and picks up the needed moisture, and adds it to the air. Typically it is lower pressure delivery and produces cold air. Using a heated cpap tube can produce warm positive air pressure. 

As the nasal airway produced from a cpap machine can not able to maintain sufficient warmth and humidity, a cpap humidifier is designed to add moisture and warmth to the air so that it can provide extra comfort while using a cpap machine. 

The main benefit of the cpap humidifier is, that you will not wake up from sleep with a dry mouth and nose after a whole night’s sleep using a cpap machine.

Cpap humidifier setting:

Depending on your need you will be able to set up three settings on your humidifier.

  1. Humidity level.
  2. Water temperature.
  3. Tubing temperature.

1. Humidity level: Adjust the humidity level according to your need. If you feel that your mouth and nose is being dry after using the cpap machine after using the humidifier you can increase the level of humidity. Or if you find irritation with extra moisture with air pressure just decrease the humidity level.

2. Water temperature: If your humidifier comes with a heated humidifier, you will be able to change the temperature according to your comfort. 

3. Tubing temperature: If your cpap humidifier comes with a Passover humidifier system you may need to use the tubing temperature function to maintain the air temperature. You will be able to control it from the setting buttons.

CPAP humidifier care:

You should take care of your humidifier to prevent unwanted damage. You will get the instructions from the manufacturer. We have given some tips below to care for your CPAP humidifier.

  1. You should clean the CPAP humidifier water chamber daily to prevent growing up bacteria. 
  2. Before removing the chamber and disconnecting the tube, allow some time to cool down the water tank and heating plate. 
  3. Cleaning with the hand is the best while cleaning the CPAP humidifier chamber. Because the chamber is fragile. Gently rinse the chamber with your hand and mild soap then clean with water. Occasionally you can clean it via dishwasher. 
  4. Before inserting the water chamber dry it completely. Check the water chamber if it has any cracks or discoloration. If the water chamber shows the sign of wear or you have already used it for 6 months, you should change it immediately. Every day fills the water chamber with distilled water what have you made? Check here how to make distilled water at home.
  1. The heating plate of the humidifier should be also cleaned regulatory to avoid forming bacteria. Before cleaning the heating plate let it cool completely. Take a damp cotton cloth and wipe the plate gentry. Then allow it to dry in the air. You should check the heating element while reassembling the humidifier. Check if it is broken or damaged, you should replace it immediately.

Final words:

You can use a cpap machine without water, but be sure you are completely okay while using you cpap machine without humidifier. If you face any side effects such as dry nose and mouth you should use the cpap machine witht the help of water.