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use of cpap machine side effects

Use of CPAP machine side effects

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2023)

Use of CPAP machine side effects

To reduce the sleeping area CPAP therapy is most used and most successful worldwide. But it has some side effects and the side effects vary from person to person.

Now we will talk about some popular side effects related to the use of the CPAP machine. So let’s read the full content use of cpap machine side effects.


It is a medical term and causes when someone eats a lot of air which makes their stomach fatty and fills up with air. It generally occurs if a CPAP machine produces air with high pressure. It can also be the reason for gas and bloating.

While you are trying to sleep, a mask may cause discomfort. As you need to wear a mask while using the CPAP machine, it may cause discomfort. The hose pipe of the CPAP machine can be stacked if you try to sleep in another position rather than a back position.


Wearing the CPAP mask can be claustrophobic for some people. A CPAP mask covers the full nose and mouth.

Mask Leak

Mask leak is the situation when your mask does not fit properly in your face and leaks air produced by the CPAP machine. It may also occur if you don’t clear the mask properly. In the time mask leak, you will not get the desired air pressure.

Dry, Stuffy Nose or Nosebleeds

Dry and Stuffy Nose is a common problem while using a CPAP machine. The contrast airflow may cause nosebleeds.

Skin Irritations

Skin Irritations

Using a CPAP mask may cause skin irritation such as rash and pressure sores.

Dry Mouth

dry mouth

Suffering from a dry mouth is a common problem for the user of a CPAP machine. As well as that people who breathe with the mouth can face this problem a lot.


Lung or sinus infection may occur if you do not clean the mask properly on a routine basis.



It is not a common problem but you may face if the air pressure is very high.

Lung Discomfort

Due to dry and cold air produced by a CPAP machine some people who are taking CPAP therapy can face lung discomfort or burg feelings in the lungs. Using a humidifier with a CPAP machine can reduce the problem.


Some people complain that they feel dizzy after using a CPAP machine.

Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath may occur if you do not set the air pressure at the prescribed level.

Though a CPAP machine and the CPAP theory have some side effects it is recommended to use if it is prescribed by your doctor to reduce the risk of more serious health problems like 

heart attack, stroke, or high blood pressure.

How to prevent or reduce CPAP side effects:

You may experience some side effects but it is not a wise decision to give up using a machine, there are some solutions to the common problems, try those before going to your doctor again.

Clean the CPAP machine regularly and perfectly

cpap machine cleaning

It is important to clean every part of the CPAP machine such as the motor base, mask, and air pipe on a regular basis. Clean the water chamber regularly and routine base on the fungi and bacterial infection. Clean the mask and humidifier chamber daily with soap and water. Use vinegar and water to clean the outside of all parts. You will get a sanitizer machine for CPAP. like CPAP cleaner. We recommend you purchase one of them if you feel trouble with regular cleaning by yourself.

Do not use oily products

Do not use oily and makeup products on the skin while using a CPAP mask. Clean your face properly before using the CPAP machine.

Use the proper mask recommended for you

There are three types of masks available to buy. Choose the mask depending on some factors such as breathing habits, sleeping position, claustrophobia, air pressure, etc. Discuss with your doctor before buying a CPAP mask to get the proper mask.

Check Your Humidifier

If you face dry mouth and dry nose try using a humidifier. If you still face those problems after having a humidifier, check your humidifier that, it is properly working or not. Try cleaning regularly as well.

Try Heated tube

The heated tube makes the air warm while traveling via the tube and it gives comfort with proper temperature.

Sinus Medication

If you have a blocked sinus, inform your doctor so that they can decide while you need the sinus medication before taking the CPAP therapy to avoid the CPAP side effects.

Use Mak barriers

To avoid skin irritation, the formation of rash we recommend using a mask barrier between your face and the mask.

Use Secure Strap

A loose or bad fitted strap can cause a lot of problems like an air leak, skin irritation. Use a proper strap according to your need and face shape.

Try Adjusting CPAP pressure to reduce side effects of CPAP therapy:

Use Correct air pressure

Set the air pressure exactly what is suggested by your doctor. Even so, if you face the side effects or face problems while exhaling, inhaling or feeling discomfort and feel too high pressure consult with your doctor immediately.

The need for new air pressure

Depending on changing some lifestyles you may need a new pressure. Such as quitting smoking, weight loss or gain may demand a new air pressure.

Use Ramp on your CPAP machine

Using a ramp on the machine allows the machine to increase the air pressure gradually up to the pressure you have set. This gradual increase can make you feel better and improve your comfort level.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about the side effects of using a CPAP machine.

→ Does CPAP therapy have side effects?

Yes. Some people face side effects such as skin irritation, dry mouth etc but a lot of people do not face any problem. It varies from person to person.

→ Should I stop using CPAP theory if I face side effects?

You should not stop immediately. Try some solutions described in this article.

→ Should I clean the CPAP equipment with soap?

You can clean the mask and water chamber daily with soap and water.

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