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(Last Updated On: March 19, 2023)
How to make distilled water for cpap

How to make distilled water for cpap in home?

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NB: We don’t sell any product. We provide authentic information only.

If you use a cpap machine, you may know how essential the humidifier of your cpap machine is! Side effects of cpap machines such as the dry mouth and dry nose can be solved by using a humidifier. Every day you need to feel the humidifier with distilled water to get the perfect performance of your cpap machine.

You can buy the distilled water or you can make it in your home. Buying packs of distilled water could cost you more than  $50 depending on the brand and size. 

But you can get it without any cost if you make it from your tap water. 

First, let’s inform you what distilled water is.

Distilled water is the purest water that can be found on the earth. We know water is made of oxygen and hydrogen. If some water contains only oxygen and hydrogen, that is called distilled water. Our tap may contain a lot of minerals. If the water contains minerals and chemicals and pollutants that are not distilled water. 

Hope you got the answer to what distilled water is.

Let's watch the video

Why should you use distilled water for the cpap humidifier:

If you pour tap water directly into your cpap machine humidifier, then after a few days you will see strain marks on the humidifier tank, and using these for a long time can block the humidifier hose and may damage the humidifier. 

When the humidifier works, it evaporates the water and leaves the minerals and chemicals in the water. Accumulated minerals make the strain mark in the tank and block the humidifier hose. To keep the cpap machine perfect for a long time it is a good practice to use pure water which does not have any other minerals or chemicals. 

How to make distilled water for cpap:


Making distilled water is not so hard but you may face some problems for the first few days. The basic concept of making distilled water is that First boil the water and make vapors. The minerals and chemicals can not be vaporized. Collect the vapor and make it cold. You will get back the pure water. The distilled water


  1. A big pot with two handles (12 inches)
  2. Small pot with or without handles (8 inches)
  3. A lid.
  4. Tap water
  5. Source of heat (burner).
  6. Some pieces of ice

Step 1:

Take the big pot and keep it on the stovetop burner. Fill ⅓ rd of the pot with tap water. Now put the small pot inside the big pot. Make sure it is floating on the water and has enough space inside.

Step 2:

Turn the lid and keep it on the top of the big pot, Make sure it is well fitted. 

Step 3:

Keep those pieces of ice on the lid. 

Step 4:

Turn on the stove.


Wait until the water starts to evaporate. The vapors will touch the lid and as the lid is too cold it will turn to water again and will make water drops on the lid. If they melt down completely add some new ice. The drops of water will be collected on the small pot inside the big pot. After evaporation of all the water, Turn off the burner. Wait 15 to 20 minutes. 

Open the lid and you will find some distilled water inside the small pot. Take out the water and store it in a safe place and use it in your cpap humidifier every night. 

Congratulations! You have made distilled water perfectly!

Is distilled water made for cpap safe to drink?

Yes. Distilled water is safe to drink but it lacks some essential minerals for humans such as calcium, sodium, and magnesium. You will not get the flavor of tap water in the distilled water.

How to store distilled water for cpap?

Storing distilled water is essential because it is hard to make or costly to buy. If you do not store it properly it may lose its advantages. Also, bacteria can grow here if you do not store it properly. It is not possible to make distilled water daily for cpap or not possible to buy all the time.

It is best practice to use a glass bottle to keep the distilled water safe. If it is not possible to find you can use a plastic bottle. But make sure that the plastic bottle is food grade. Otherwise, the water can get a bad smell of plastic. Make sure that the bottle has an air-tight cap. After pouring the distilled water, lock the cap and keep the bottle in a cool and safe place.

Do I need to use a refrigerator to store distilled water?

No, it is not essential to keep distilled water in the refrigerator, but if you want, you can keep it to store it in a safe place.

How to use distilled water in a cpap machine?

First, open the cap of the water tank of your cpap machine. Pour the distilled water you have made very carefully. Your cpap machine water tank must have a max line marking. Do not cross the marked line while inserting the distilled water. If you cross the line, the water can enter the air hose.

Final words:

Making distilled water for your cpap machine at home can be a money saver. As well as it is great fun to make something for your own use. We recommend making it at home if possible. If it is almost impossible to make distilled water for your cpap at your home,  you can try  H2O 4 CPAP Ion Distilled Water System for CPAP (Amazon Affiliate Link).

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