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(Last Updated On: March 19, 2023)
how to use cpap machine

How to use CPAP machine with a good way?

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NB: We don’t sell any product. We provide authentic information only.

How to use cpap machine

As you are recommended to use a cpap machine while sleeping, you need to know how to use the cpap machine properly.

If you don’t use the cpap machine in the right way, you may not get the proper benefits from the cpap machine. If you search how to use cpap machine, you will get some complex writing, here we are going to make it easy for you.

We will write it down in the easiest and simplest way so that you can understand what to do and what not to do and how to use a cpap machine in the correct way.

Let's watch the video

1. Perfect space for put the CPAP machine:

You should keep your cpap machine not too close and not so far from you while sleeping. Here perfect space means, that if you keep the machine in place, it will

  1. Keep your cpap machine stable.
  2. Access the hose to the mask without stretching. 
  3. Near to the power outlet.
  4. Easy access to turn on, change the filter and check the water level from your bed. 

It is the best way to keep a small table beside your bed to keep the cpap machine.

cpap machine with patient

2. Checking the air filter:

The air filter lets you get the fresh air through the cpap machine. There are different types of filters available. Depending on your need you can use any one of those. 

After putting in the cpap machine, your next task is installing the air filter. Generally, it is very easy to install the air filter. Though if you face any problem you can check the user manual or call support.

air filter

3. Connecting the hose to the cpap machine:

cpap hose pipe connecting

After installing and checking the air filter you need to connect the hose to the cpap machine. The 22mm connector diameter is “universal” for all types of cpap machines. Though the connector diameter is 22mm the hose diameter is 19mm.

 This is supported by most of the cpap machines. Some cpap manufacturers use a thin diameter for the hose but the diameter of the connector is the same. 

If you think about the hose length, we recommend using 6 feet standard long hose. Some manufacturers offer 10 feet long hose and it is less common than you will find 8 feet or 3 feet long hose.

If you use a longer hose than usual you may not get the actual output of the humidifier as the air needs to travel a long distance and by this time the moisture can be affected by the temperature of the hose outside.

4. Attach the hose to the face mask

Attaching the hose to the face mask is almost the same as connecting the hose to the cpap machine.

hose pipe connect into the musk

Insert the other part of the hose into the mask. Make sure it does not leak any air.

5. Setting the humidifier:

Setting the humidifier

The humidifier is used to add moisture while using the cpap machine. It helps to avoid dry nose and mouth problems

Maximum patients need to use the humidifier, but depending on the air pressure the use of the humidifier can be modified. 

Generally, the cpap machine comes with a humidifier.

 If your machine doesn’t have a humidifier, try to buy a new machine that includes a humidifier.

To set up the humidifier, you just need to pour the water into the water tank and maintain the below line of the water tank. 

Do not add more water than instructed, it may cause water to come to the hose.

Try to use distilled water. Because the quality of tap water is not always the same. Sometimes it contains minerals that can block the humidifier line.

6. Plug in the cpap machine:

We have done almost everything related to the cpap machine. Now it is time to plug the cpap machine into the power outlet. 

Make sure that your power output port is not so far from the machine. If it is, using an external power cord can help.

7. Put on the mask:

set face musk

After connecting it to the power outlet, put on the face mask. While ordering the mask, make sure you have maintained the size guide perfectly. 

While wearing the mask you may need to do little adjustments. At first, wear the mask and gently pull the adjusted belt, do not make it tighter but make sure it attaches to your face very perfectly without any leak.

8. Turn on the cpap machine:

turn on the cpap machine

All set! Now you need to turn on the machine. Just power on the machine, and feel whether the air pressure is okay with you or not. With the adjustment knob, you can adjust the air pressure and the humidifier. Make it comfortable. 

As you are using the cpap machine for the first time, we recommend you to use the “ramp” feature if your machine comes with this feature. This will let the pressure increase over time.

9. Find a comfortable sleeping position:

While wearing a face mask, may cause irritation for the first few days. To reduce the irritation you should find a comfortable sleeping position. 

Using a cpap pillow can help you. After turning on the machine, find a comfortable sleeping position and enjoy your sleep time.

Last word about how to use cpap machine:

Using a cpap machine for the very first may cause side effects such as dry mouth and nose. Skin irritation. With time you will be used to the machine. If you face any extreme problem consult with your doctor.

Some tips for the new users:

  1. Allow a few nights to adjust the cpap mask and machine with you. 
  2. For the first days, you may need to allow extra time before going to bed. Start the cpap machine and use it at least 15 minutes before sleeping so that you can get used to using it for sleeping. 
  3. To practice, without turning on the machine, wear the mask and breathe in it. 
  4. Use the cpap machine every time you sleep such as a small nap in the afternoon. Not only at night. 
  5. Use “ramp” features if needed. 
  6. Do some exercise so that you do not get anxious while using the cpap machine.

Some Side effects of cpap machine:

Though a cpap machine will improve your sleeping it may cost you some discomfort such as:

  1. Dry nose and mouth. 
  2. Nasal congestion. 
  3. Respiratory infection.
  4. Runny nose. 
  5. Chest discomfort. 

If you face two or more of these problems consult with your doctor immediately.