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Jackery Solar Generator 1500 (Explorer 1500 + 4xSolarSaga 100W) - $3,599.00

The Solar Generator 1500 features an Explorer 1500 Portable Power Station and the SolarSaga 100 Solar Panels. Now Jackery is offering two fantastic bundles including the 4 SolarSaga 100 and 1 SolarSaga 100 respectively. Unlike gas generators, the Solar Generator is clean. The Solar Generator produces almost no noise, and it features an on-button design for easy use. It is powered by solar energy, providing a green and sustainable solution for our living condition. The Explorer 1500 is geared with a massive 1534Wh capacity, 1800 high running wattage, to power most devices, power tools, and even larger appliances such as electric stoves, electric microwave ovens and refrigerators. Jackery's Solarpeak Technology boosts a 30% more recharging efficiency with its MPPT solar regulartor. It only takes 4 hours of solar energy to have 80% power for the Explorer 1500. The solar power is always consistent and stable. Please note that the Solar Generator bundle purchased from our website or Amazon stores, all items included will be shipped in separate packages.