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(Last Updated On: April 5, 2024)

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Jackery 300 Review - Unleashing the Ultimate Portable Energy Solution

jackery 300 review
Jackery 300 product review
Jackery 300 product review

Today we’re going to review the Jackery Explorer 300, which has an actual 293-watt hour lithium backup battery and can provide a 110-volt pure sine wave in its AC outlet; it can also be used as a generator, and it is best for outdoor camping, travel, hunting, blackout and more.

Jackery has multiple portable power stations of different capacities, such as Jackery 110, Jackery 300, Jackery 500, Jackery 1000, and Jackery 1500.

Jackery 300 is an ideal Power station for using it in camping as it is very lightweight and portable.  It is not very heavy and not less powerful than Jackery 110.

Why do we use a portable power station?

Where we don’t have a source of regular electricity, we can use a portable power station to get a backup or alternative source of energy, such as outdoor hunting. Sometimes natural hazards cause a blackout. A portable power station also helps to power up the devices at the time of the blackout. Which devices can we run with the Jackery 300, and how much time will it give power with a single charge to those devices? Today we will inform you in this article, so if you are planning to buy a portable power station, read this carefully before buying it.


jackery 300 power station design
jackery 300 power station design

The first thing first. The Jackery 300 has a very minimalistic black and orange design, and it has a handlebar on the top, which is very perfectly matched to the design. The dimension is ‎9.1″L x 5.2″W x 7.8″H, and the weight is 7.1 Pounds. At the front panel, there is a small screen to show the status of various things. One 12V, 10A DC port to connect any DC power device directly to the power station. In the USB ports section, it has a total of three USB ports; one is USB 3 (In and out both) PD 60W: one Type A Quick Cahrge 3 and a Regular 5V 2.4A USB Type-A port. The USB port section has covered almost 99% requirements of a user of USB ports. 

The AC Output part has two 110V, 300W regular wall outlets.

In total, it has six output ports and One Input port to recharge it.


As you buy a portable power station to power up the devices when there is no regular power source, so today we will discuss the backup time and how much time it can run the devices you want to run without regular power.

To measure the performance of this portable power station, we have divided our devices into two portions, one is outdoor, and another is indoor. Indoor devices require AC, and outdoor devices require DC. As this Jackery 300 Portable power station has both AC and DC output options, we will take both to give you a proper summary of the run time of different devices.

Outdoor Devices



The camera is one of the most popular devices that we use outdoors for capturing pictures. With Jackery 300, you will be able to recharge your camera almost 15 times.



 At present, a drone is one of the most popular devices we use outdoors for capture in pictures and videos from a higher altitude. A drone can be recharged almost five times with the full charge of Jackery 300.

Here these counts are only individual. One device is charging at a time, not multiple devices. 

DC lights

DC Light
DC Light

(5-8W) can be run for more than 15 hours with the Jackery 300 portable power station.

Indoor Device

Indoor, we use mainly TV, laptop, mobile phone, tablets, etc. 



With Jackery 300, average-sized TV can be run for at least 4.5 hours.

Mobile Phone and Laptop

laptop and mobile
laptop and mobile

You can charge your phone more than 30 times, and you will be able to charge your laptop four times in a row.

Again remember that this is the calculation of individual devices, not using multiple devices at a time.

Recharging of Jackery 300 portable power station

After giving backup to multiple devices, it needs to charge itself to further use. Here comes the recharging time.

Jackery 300 has fast charging technology. That is why it takes only 2 hours to recharge 80% of the battery through the wall outlet and PD 60w simultaneously. It can also be charged with AC Adapter at home, and it can be charged in the car with the car outlet during the road trip, or it can be charged with Solar Saga 100 solar panel. For the Wall outlet only, it will take four and a half hours to fully charge. For the car outlet, it will take almost 8 hours to be fully charged, and with the Solar Saga 100 solar panel, it will take almost 10 hours to be fully charged.

Why you buy Jackery 300

It is a safe and sturdy power supply. It can power up your expectations, and it can be used as a green power supply with a solar panel; the solar panel needs to be bought separately, and it is integrated with the MPPT charge controller, so if you want to buy a green energy source, this thing can be a good choice.

What you get in the Package: 1*Jackery Explorer 300. 1* AC adaptor, 1* car charger cable, 1* user guide.

Warranty:  you will get a 1-year warranty

Safety Tips For Using Jackery Explorer 300

  1. Use manufacturer-recommended cable and accessories while connecting it with devices and recharging it.
  2. Be cautious about using high-power devices. high power devices may consume more power which is why the power station may face more heat. So do not use a high-power device for a long time.
  3. unplug unused devices and adaptor. sometimes we keep the adaptor or device Idol and connected it to the power station. do not do that. It reduces the health of the battery slowly but gradually.
  4. Do not drain the battery completely. It reduces the battery life span. Recharge it when it is at the point of 20% to 30% of the charge.

Maintenance tips for Jackery 300 Explorer

  1.  Keep it in a dry room-temperature atmosphere. avoid using the power station in the rain and moisture-full places.
  2. You should always inspect the power station for any physical damage or other issue. if you find any physical damage other and other other issue immediately contact the Jackery service.

Solar panel for Jackery 300 explorer

solar Saga 100 solar panel
solar Saga 100 solar panel

Jackry recommends a solar Saga 100 solar panel to recharge this. Solar Saga 100 is an easy setup and ready-to-use solar panel for jackery explorer 300. It has a higher energy conversion rate as well as it is durable and splashproof, compatible and versatile with most Jackey Portable Power station.

Frequently ask questions

What devices can the Jackery 300 amp hours run?

You can use many devices at the same time with the 300 portable power station, but keep in mind that the total watts of all devices should not exceed 300 watts.

How to measure the working time?

Working time = 300Wh*0.85/operating power of your device. For example, if the power consumption of your device is 60W. Working time 300*0.85/60 = 4.3 Hours.

Can it be used while charging?

Yes, Jackery 300 can be used while charging.

Final words

Jackery 300 portable power station is best in this section. At this price point, it can be a good choice if you want to buy a portable power station for general use such as basic camping and a small solar generator.

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