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(Last Updated On: December 31, 2022)

Jackery 160 vs 240 (updated - 2023)

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NB: We don’t sell any product. We provide authentic information only.

Let's start Jackery 160 vs 240 introduction

Jackery is famous for making portable power solutions. They have different power stations of different power to serve every purpose of a user. Jackey 160 is their basic and lowest- priced portable power station where Jackery 240 comes next after Jackery 160.  The difference in the price between these is not so much, exactly only $60. For this $60 what is getting or losing, in this article we will clear everything with details of jackery 160 vs 240

Jackery 160 vs 240


We have already reviewed Jackery 240W and Jackery 160W. Now we are making a comparison review to better understand what you should buy and why.

Before click buy button please read full article. You will be clear everything about the product.

Thank you 😍😍😍

Jackery 160 vs 240 Table

Topic to comparison Jackery Power Station 160Jackery Power Station 240
Battery Capacity167Wh Lithium Battery240Wh Lithium Battery
Pure Sine Wave AC outlet No.Yes.
Pass-through chargingNo.Yes.
Peak Watts150W Peak400W Peak
Weight3.84 Pounds6.83 Pounds
Dimension7.4 x 4.59 x 6.73 inches9.05 x 5.24 x 7.87 inches
Voltage110 Volts230 Volts (AC)
Output Wattage150 Watts200 Watts
Output Ports1* AC outlet (110V 100W, 150W Peak),
1*USB-C port,
2* USB-A ports,
1* standard DC 12V port.
1* Pure Sine Wave AC outlet (110V 200W 400W Peak),
2* USB-A ports (5V, 2.4A),
1* 12V DC carport.
Input (Charging) PortsThrough solar saga 60 (solar panel sold separately by Jackery) in 4.5 hours.
Wall Outlet (5 hours to full charge)
Car Charger (5 hours to full charge)
Through solar saga 60 (solar panel sold separately by Jackery) in 5.5 hours.
Wall Outlet (3.5 hours to full charge)
Car Charger (5 hours to full charge)
Box contents1* Jackery Explorer 160 Power Station,
1*AC adapter,
1* car charger cable, and
1* user guide.
1* Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station,
1*AC adapter,
1* car charger cable,
1* user guide.

Details Comparison with the help of device

Battery Capacity:

Jackery tries to maintain one thing is that they named a portable power station according to their power. Jackery 160 has a battery capacity of 167wh and the capacity of Jackery 240 portable power station is 240wh. It is a good thing for consumers because they can know about the battery capacity just with the name of the model. Jackery 240 has 43% more battery capacity than Jackery 160w. Here the winner is Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240

Let’s make it clear, If you want to run a 10w of the device with the Jackery 160 then the calculation will be 

167Wh * .85 / the power of your divide you want to run.

So the working time for a 10w device will be, 167*.85/10 = 14.195 hours. 

It is not possible to run a device below 10w more than three hours continuously in this Jackery 160. 

For the same device, the Jackery 240 will run, 240wh*.85/10 = 20.4 hours.

If you want to run a device that consumes more power such as an Asus laptop. The wattage of the average laptop charger is 65. With Jackery 160, An Asus laptop can be charged and operated continuously 167*.85/65 = 2.18 hours + the battery backup time of your laptop.

Again with Jackery 240, the backup time will be 3.13 hours + battery backup time. 

But it is not possible to run a device with Jackery 160, whose wattage is more than 100. But with the Jackery 240, you will be able to run almost all household devices as its output wattage is 200W. 

So we recommend buying the Jackery 240 if you want to be worry-free about the wattage limit as well as you will get more backup. 

Battery type: 

Both power stations come with a lithium battery. Lithium batteries are good for rechargeable things and those offer a more stable charge and they are more durable. As both of these portable power stations have the same type of battery, here both are the winner.

Pass-through charging:

Pass through chagrin support charging and using the power station at the same time. The Jackery 160w does not support pass-through charging so you will not be able to the Jackery 160 while charging, on the other hand, Jackery 240 supports pass-through charging, so it is good to buy Jackery 240 to avail the pass-through charging. Pass-through charging is helpful when it needs to use both features at a time. The winner is Jackery 240

Pure Sine Wave: This feature is urgent for the safety of sensitive devices. Besides it reduced the noise of electric fans, audio amplifiers, TV., etc. So, you must always choose a portable power station that provides pure sine waves through the outputs. Here, the Jackery 240 has the feature of the pure sine wave. But the Jackery 160w does not have this feature. The company claims that it has modified the sine wave feature. But always the pure sine wave is the best. So here the winner is Jackery 240


Ports are important, the more type of output port a portable power station has means you need to carry fewer adapters for different devices. And the more input ports a power station has meant it can be recharged via multiple procedures.

Output ports of Jackery 160:

1 USB Type C and 2 USB type-A ports. The maximum output of these ports is 30w and 5v. So you could get 150 wattage output with these USB ports. A common 12 DC outlet is present here, which can be useful for charging some devices. 

1 AC outlet supports up to 100 wattages. So with this port, you will not be able to run a home appliance whose power usage rating is more than 100w, such as imac27, blender, cooler, etc.

Input ports of Jackery 160:

Only one input port is present here, which can be used for recharging the power station through solar saga 60, wall outlet, or car charger. The car and wall outlet takes 5 hours to recharge and the sola saga 60 takes 4.5 hours to recharge it.

Output ports of Jackery 240:

The total number of output ports of Jackery 240 are four. Two USB TYpe A whose maximum power is 2.4w, 5v. One 12 volt car charger output and an AC Outlet which can produce 110v, 200w, 400w (peak). Here the USB type c port is missing and the power of USB ports is fewer than the Jackery 160.

Input ports of Jackery 240:

The input port is the same as Jackery 160. The same port is used for recharging it from multiple sources. The car outlet takes 5 hours to recharge and the wall outlet takes 3.5 hours to recharge. And solar saga 60 takes 5.5 hours to recharge as the battery is bigger here than the Jackery 160.

Size and Weight:

The dimension of Jackery 160 is 7.4 x 4.59 x 6.73 inches. It is ideal for caring and is more portable than Jackery 240. The dimension of Jackery 240 is 9.05 x 5.24 x 7.87 inches. A little bit bigger than that. It is normal as it has a bigger capacity. 

The weight of Jackery 160 is 3.84 pounds and the weight of Jackery 240 is 6.6 pounds. The weight of Jackery 240 is 58.18% higher than Jackery 160. 

Here the winner is Jackery 160 as the dimension and weight are less, more portable, and easy to carry.

Box Content:

In the box ofJackery 160 portable power station, you will get An AC adapter, 1 car charger cable and 1 user guide along with the Jackery explorer 160 Power station.

In the box of Jackery 240 Portable power station, you will get the same things.


Jackery 160 portable power station is more portable and carrying friendly than the Jackery 240.


Prices may vary in the offer. The actual price of Jackery 240 is 299.99 USD and the price of Jackery 160 is 139.99 USD.

Final words:

The price difference between Jackery explorer 240 and 160 portable power station is 60 USD. But for this 60 USD you will get the features which Jackery offers for the big budgets portable power stations. 

In our view the winner is Jackery 240, if you need a small portable power station to charge some device such as phone etc, then go for Jackery 160.