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(Last Updated On: December 12, 2021)

Inverter generator buying guide - 2021

People buy an inverter generator because it has some advanced facilities. To get the facilities you should choose an inverter generator wisely. To select the best inverter generator there is some point that should be considered before buying. In this article, you will get a detailed buying guide for an inverter generator.  I am Sonnet an inverter generator expert with you to share every detail. Let’s start the buying guide.

The inverter Generator:

An inverter generator works smartly. The inverter converts the Alternative Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC) and then again converts it to Alternative Current (AC) to ensure pure sine wave current flow to the connected devices. As well as it is portable, fuel-efficient, and produces less noise than a traditional generator.

Price and Cost

Before buying an inverter generator, fix your budget. It is not true that a higher budget gives you a better generator but it is true that to get more features you need to spend more money. So depending on your budget search for a generator available in the market.


There are different models of different watts inverter generators available in the market. Decide how much power you need and choose three or four models of the same or different brands at the same price range.

Then look for:

Fuel Efficiency

While buying an inverter generator at first you should consider how much fuel it consumes while operating. An inverter generator can determine the load connected in the output and adjust the engine speed according to demand, while a traditional generator runs at a full speed all the time. Depending on engine quality different brands offer different fuel efficiency. 

Read the review of a model to know how much fuel-efficient that is. You should buy one which is more fuel-efficient than others.


Generally an inverter generator is small and perfectly portable. It can be transported in a car. So Size is a considerable thing before buying an inverter generator. A small size generator takes a small space while carrying and storing. Try to buy a small-sized inverter generator.


An inverter generator produces fewer noises than a traditional generator because the engine does not run at full power all the time. It keeps the environment quiet and calm which makes a peaceful environment. Engines from different manufacturers have different noise levels at the same speed. So, be sure how much decibels (dB) of sound is produced by the generator. The lower is better always.

Safety Technologies

Safety technologies help to keep you safe from any types of accidents that happened by a generator. Try to buy an inverter generator which has incused all the safety technologies and they work properly.

Output Ports

The more ports available, the more devices can be connected at the same time. And different types of ports give the freedom to use different types of devices. If your generator can offer a lot of different types of output ports it is always better.

This article will help you to determine which inverter generator should you buy and which should not depend on your budget. You can take help from this article to find out the best inverter generators for home backup. See you soon with another informative post.