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(Last Updated On: July 26, 2021)

what is an inverter generator?

An inverter generator is an upgraded generator that produces power according to the demand for connected devices. This process is controlled by a computer chip inserted inside the generator. An inverter generator converts AC (Alternative Current) to DC (Direct Current) and then again converts it to stable AC and sends it to the control panel. A traditional generator directly sends the AC (Alternative Current) to the control panel.

inverter generator

An inverter generator does not run at the full-throttle all the time, Which increases the efficiency at a low cost. Consumes less fuel than a regulator generator and emits lower sounds.

You may already notice that an inverter generator has a smaller size than a conventional generator. Because an inverter generator can produce the same amount of electricity with less fuel than a traditional generator. As because it demands a small amount of fuel, the fuel tank is smaller here and it takes up a small space and is perfectly portable.

An inverter generator can run maximum types of household devices within its capacity. Before buying an inverter generator you need to be sure what types of appliances you are going to run. Most of the inverter generators produce enough power to operate TVs, Refrigerators, and other devices.

Some advantages of an inverter generator

Portability: Already we have discussed that an inverter generator is more portable than a traditional generator. The manufacturers try to keep the body shape small and portable with a carrying handle of an inverter generator.

As it has a small size fuel tank it consumes little space while carrying or storing. With the combined action of a small fuel tank and fuel efficiency, an inverter generator is a good choice for home and outdoor use.

Fuel Efficiency: An inverter generator is especially recommended for its fuel efficiency attribute. A traditional generator runs at a full speed every time where you are using the full power or not. But an inverter generator can determine how many loads are connected to the generator and how many power needs to produce to run them and produce the power according to the calculation so that the engine does not run at full throttle all the time as a result we get a fuel efficiency power source.

 Clean Energy: An inverter generator produces more clean energy. The Alternating current converted to Direct current and then back to Alternative current. The electricity frequency provided by an inverter generator is more steady.

It has a minimum harmonic distortion. 

The clean and steady electricity can be compared with the current we get from the main suppliers. So the inverter generator is safer to run sensitive electronic devices.

Parallel capabilities: Many newer models of inverter generators offer parallax capabilities which allow you to connect another same model or same brand generator with another to double the power produced by the generator.

Some disadvantages:

An inverter generator is not good if you have a huge demand for electricity. The load capacity of an inverter generator is lower than a traditional generator.

Bottom Line:

It depends on your use and purpose of what types of generators you need. For home use and small uses, an inverter generator is recommended.