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(Last Updated On: February 23, 2021)

How to clean a frozen yogurt machine?

Frozen yogurt is delicious and after making frozen yogurt you should clean the machine properly. To prevent growing up bacterias, bad smells clean the frozen yogurt machine perfectly after every use. If you clean immediately after making the dishes, it will be an easy task, do not keep them unwashed for a long time. It can permanently damage the machine.


Today we will discuss the cleaning process of a frozen yogurt machine.

There are three types of frozen yogurt machines and the basics of the cleaning process are the same for them. 

In a frozen yogurt machine, you will get three main parts.  The first one is a freezing bowl, the Second one is a mixing handle and the housing.

Before starting the cleaning process disassemble the yogurt machine and clean every individual part.

frozen yogurt machine 1

First Step

To clean the machine first empty the bowl, use a plastic glove hand to scrap out any attached yogurt in the bowl. Use mild detergent and hot water to rinse out gently the bowl.

Keep it on the flow of the tap and make sure it has cleaned perfectly. Use a tissue or towel or keep it in a place away from water for a while to dry it perfectly.

Second Step

Take the mixing paddle and follow the same process of cleaning the freezing bowl. Do not rinse very roughly which can damage it permanently.

Third Step

In the third step, you need to clean the whole housing of the yogurt machine. Take a scrubber and soak it in hot water with mild detergent and simply clean the full hosing inside and outside.

Do not any splash of water. After rinsing out with the detergent water, use a scrubber with fresh water to remove all the detergent water from its body parts.

Keep all parts in an open place and give them a chance to dry. After 30 minutes you can expect dry parts. Take them and reassemble.


You have just perfectly cleaned up your frozen yogurt machine.

Do not do these tasks to avoid any mistakes

  1. Do not use the dishwasher to clean the yogurt machine.  Most of them are not dishwasher safe.
  2. Do the cleaning process very gently.
  3. If your yogurt machine has a compressor and electric motor inside never use a splash of water.
  4. Do not use any hard soap or detergent.

Generally, you will get a user manual with the machine and the user manual should contain the process of cleaning. Follow the instruction if there any process suggested for cleaning.

Final Word

Maintenance and cleaning is a regular task. If you want a long time service from your machine do the cleaning job after every use of the machine.

The process described here in the article might be a guide to you for cleaning your frozen yogurt machine. 

You can use these processes to clean your home ice cream maker. A yogurt machine may have a feature to make ice cream and after making ice cream clean the yogurt machine in this way.