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Drone Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Buying a New Drone

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2020)

Last Updated on 5 years by Think and Find

Important: In this article you will discover 7 factors which need to consider when buying a new drone. Read the article carefully and the number 5 is really important and interesting, It helped 16200 readers. 

Nowadays drones are offering a lot of features at a budget price range. There are a lot of options available to you whil;e buying a drone. But wait, the advertisements are really clever and you will be puzzled, so know your requirements and then buy. This article will help you know your requirements. 

While buying a quadcopter, you must consider:

  1. Camera Type

The camera of the drone is the main consideration now days. When we fly a drone we always want to take footage of the ground from the drone, but if the camera is not up to the mark, the output will be very low and you will be disappointed. Some drone has their own camera attached with the body and can not be removed, while the other has a mount which gives you an opportunity to attach a camera you like, it can be  GpPro or dji action camera, which is really good enough to capture impressive picture and video.

Though build cameras are lighter but external action camera prove a good quality of images.

There are few considerations while choosing the camera: 

  1. How many megapixels the camera has.
  2. WHAT is the video resolution provided by the camera.
  3. What is the camera viewing angle.
  4. The distance3 of the camera
  5. Must have the EIS features.
  6. Wifi features to send the images or video to the mobile phone. 

2. Controllable Range

 Controller range is one of the important things which should be considered while buying, there is a lot of drones, which allows the distance from 30 m to 1000 m. know your need and rules associated with the drone flying, then buy your drone.

Typically the costly drone gives a long distance range and mini and toy drone gives a short distance range. So if you need to take photographs from a great distance then try to buy drone which gives a lot of controllers range from the controller. 

3. Live Feed

All the drones don’t have the features of live feed. Live feed is the real time trasmiotion form the drone to the smartphone or tablet which is capturing buy in the sky. Live  transmission may take a lot of money. But if you will be able to find out a drone which proved a live feed, but budget friendly that will be a good choice for you . 

Remember that the feed is transmitted over the wifi, so both the devices drone and your smartphone have the support of wifi. Some drone controllers has an lcd on the controller, which allows you to access the video is cap[tuirong buy the drone. If you’re purpose of buying drone is aerial photography then you should choose a drone which gas the amazing features. 

Some drones have a built in application for mobile phones to streaming the video and can be saved directly to your smartphone or tablet or computer. 

These capabilities may vary from drone to drone and with the change of budget range. Which drone allows the direct streaming have a special features to store the video directly to the computer. Which drones don’t have the feature, they may store their footage on the SD card attached with their cameras. 

4. Battery Life and charging time:

Battery is another important things to consider while buying a drone. If the battery life is long, the drone can fly a lot more time in the sky. Budget drones fly mostly 7-15 minutes with a full charge, while the costly drone can fly up to 1 hours at a time. So before buying know your need, and go for that ones. 

CHARGING TIME: how long the batteries will take to be fully charged? Many models takes 2 hours to 5 hours.

Battery life: some copters can fly 30 to 60 minutes where some can fly only 6-10 minutes, so be aware of the time. 

Replacements batteries: some drones prove extra batteries with the drone. Some can be bought externally,. Consider that, your drone support external batteries to get a good result and while it is not possible to charge the main batteries, you will be able to use those backup batteries. 

5. Height and Speed:

If you need a drone to live action video of a baseball game. You may need a drone which can reach up to 300 meters, however, if you fly for just for fun, 100 feet may be sufficient for you, these are just some examples, so investigate why you are going to buy the drone and then buy. Remember more height of drone can be more costly. 

Speed is also another consideration to buy a drone. Speed can be controlled from the controller, and most of the drones offers three speed mood for beginners to professional work. So if you are a beginner, make sure that your drone has the features to beginners mood speed.

6. Design:

Basically drones design are made for the control and balance of flying, there are a lot of designs and features available now a d days in the market. Some drone can control the speed and balance itself measuring the wind with its sensor, where some has a function to back to its  base point while starting using its GPS.

A heavy copter needs a lot of power to fly, so consider buying a light eight copter which allows a lot of flying time. If you want a smooth flying trying to buy a drone with GPS feature. 

7. Replacement Options:

As an electronic devices parts may be needed to change change or replaced over time. Some models allows easy replacement, where some are not usable if any of the parts become inactive. 

Try to buy a copter which allows an easy replacement of the parts.

Common replacements parts are: 

  1. Gear of the propeller. 
  2. Prop[epler which can damaged if an accident happens while flying.
  3. Batteries need to be changed after it’s lifespan becomes finished. 
  4. Some extra maintenance according to your copter.

Sometimes you need to oiling the blades to get a proper speed.

These 7 things are the main focus while buying a drone. Know your needs and budget and choose which is best for you. 

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