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(Last Updated On: September 2, 2021)

Recognizing the signs of sudden illness in cats

Recognizing the signs of sudden illness in cats

It is very tough to figure out the preliminary stage of illness of your cat because they always try to hide their sickness and try to be normal even though they are too sick.

It is their nature that has come from the wild. So at the last stage of the sickness, they will die suddenly. And you have nothing to do because already it is too late.

Sudden illnesses in cats are very dangerous and make their life threatened. So you need to be careful about sudden illness.

Some sudden illnesses in cats

Diarrhea: though Diarrhea is not a disease rather a sign of disease it can appear suddenly. If you notice the runny poops of cats then you should take steps immediately because Diarrhea can be the cause of losing water, nutrients, and electrolytes of your cat. And it takes your cat to the sudden even faster you can imagine.

cat diarrhea

A common problem for the owner is the cat has diarrhea but seems fine. You should be worried if you face the same problem. You have to change the food and provide that food which contains a low-fiber. Look for foods that are highly digestible for sensitive stomachs. You have to increase water and electrolyte intake for the cats. Choose a probiotic that is for cats and made by a reputed company and has a good review. And finally, try some anti-diarrhea medications and if doing these do not work for your cat immediately contact a vet. 

cat Vomiting
image: wikihow

Vomiting: For food allergy, parasites,  or mild stomach upset you can vomit.

It will start vomiting all of a sudden without any symptoms. Vomiting is also a sign of some serious decisions of your cats.

Some symptoms of a sudden illness in cats

To keep your cat from sudden death, you have to know the signs and symptoms of sudden illness of the cat. It will help you to be aware of the illness of the cats and decrease the sudden death rate. As the cats try to hide their illness it is very tough to find out the symptoms, here are some of these.

A sudden change of the mood: Cats are very playful and they love the company of a human. Actually, the moods of a cat depending on the personality of the cat, and the owner knows the moods of their cat much better because they keep it near to them. So if you feel any change in their mood, be careful, it might be a sign of sudden illness. 

Irregular use of litter box: If you notice any improper use of the litter box of your cat, It can be a sign of sudden illness of your cat. That means your cat may be sick but hiding it from you and suddenly it will face a big health issue. 

Sudden changes in eating habits: Sudden changes in eating, drinking habits is maybe a sign of sudden illness. It can drink too much water or less or it can take a smaller amount of food than regular. 

Short breath or small breath: Breathing issue is the most common problem for cats, and you should be more careful about short breaths or small breaths if you want to avoid the death of your loving cat.

Sudden change in vocal: The vocal of your cat may be more or less than usual. Both situations are symptoms of the illness of your cat. While a cat feels irritated the vocal becomes much more or while it feels weak then the vocal becomes very less. 

Sudden weight gain or loss: If you feel that suddenly your cat is gaining weight it may be getting extra fat in its body and the lack of exercise and if it gains weight suddenly it may be facing kidney bacterial infection or UTI problem. Again if the cat loses its weight that means it is in depression or any other internal problem. So both situations can be a major factor for sudden illness. 

Bad Breath: When your cat opens its mouth you feel any bad breath or odor that means it has a serious infection on teeth or it has kidney problems. So be careful about bad breath if you want to avoid sudden illness.

Some common illnesses of cats

Cancer: Cancer is a disease where some cells grow continuously. Different kinds of cancers can be seen in cats. Sometimes it can be localized in an area or sometimes it spreads through the body. 

Diabetes: Diabetes is also a common problem for cats. Improper response of insulin or lack of hormone insulin is the cause of diabetes. For diabetes, the blood sugar level of cats increases and it is a vital cause of various health problems of the cats. 

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV): It is a slow-acting virus and day by day the cat loses its immune system. If the infected cat has proper cure and treatment and a good environment it cats live from month to year. 

Heartworm: It spreads by mosquitoes as cats are the host of heartworm, day by day this problem is increasing. Though its name is heartworm, at first it attacks the lung. Be careful if you love an area that is densely populated by mosquitoes and you have a cat. 

Rabies: It is a viral disease and 100% fatal. It can attack all mammals including humans and it attacks the spine and brain.

How to treat sudden illness in cats

You should not waste a single moment if your cat faces sudden illness, you should contact the vet and by this time you can try to increase water and electrolyte intake for the cat. Your vet will give you the best suggestion as to what to do.