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(Last Updated On: July 26, 2021)

How to use forehead thermometer

Forehead thermometers are also known as infrared thermometers. A widely acceptable body temperature measuring tool without the risk of spreading diseases between people. A forehead thermometer shows a very accurate temperature but you should use it perfectly and in a precise way.

In this article, we will discuss how to use a forehead thermometer to get the accurate and best result from it. 

A traditional thermometer has a glass tube filled with mercury which expands in the hot environment, but a forehead thermometer is more advanced. It uses infrared energy which radiates from the patient skin. The energy collected by the front lens of the thermometer and then converted to the temperature and displays on the screen.

Forehead Temperature: How to Take

Forehead Temperature

To start measuring temperature by a forehead temperature at the first turn the power on button and check that is working or not. Usually, the lights turn on on the screen when the thermometer gets power. 

Generally, 2 AA size batteries are used here. The battery size may be different for different manufacturers. If you have a rechargeable thermometer make sure the battery is fully charged before taking the temperature.

battery forehead thermometer

When the lights turn on in the display press the mode button to select the unit on which you want to take the temperature. You can use °C or °F according to your need.

forehead thermometer buttons

After selecting your desired mood the thermometer is ready to use. Now you need to place it just in front of your forehead. Keep the distance between two to six inches from the middle of the forehead.

thermometer uses

Now press the trigger button to take the reading.

Within one second you will get the reading of the temperature of the body. Some advanced thermometers have a color-changing display to give a warning for the higher temperature. You can store the temperature for the next use also.

Congratulations! You just perfectly measured the body temperature with the forehead thermometer.

The process is simple but you need to know the perfect way to take the temperature. 

Now we will discuss the proper use of a forehead thermometer.

Proper use of forehead thermometer

The person using a forehead thermometer should read the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines. Commonly you will get:

The perfect environment for a forehead thermometer

The performance of a forehead thermometer can be affected by the using environment. 

  • It should not be used under direct sun.
  • Remove any radiant heat source before using it.
  • The optimal temperature for using an infrared thermometer is 60.8-104 ºF (16-40 ºC) with 85% humidity.
  • To adjust the environment you can keep the thermometer in the testing environment for 30-40 minutes.

Make ready the person before taking the temperature

  • The forehead and the skin should be clean and dry.
  • The skin should not be covered by any obstacles.
  • Remove any headcovers
  • Do not use any facial cleansing products.

Cleaning the forehead thermometer

Most of those don’t allow water to clean them. Follow the instruction manual to clean the thermometer perfectly.

Using the forehead thermometer

  • You should hold the sensor area of the thermometer perpendicular to the forehead. During the measurement, the test person should be calm.
  • The distance should not be too close or too far. Follow the instructions.
  • Never touch the sensor area and always keep it dry and clean.