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drone flying

how far can a drone fly 2020 (updated)

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2021)

Last Updated on 3 years by Think and Find

How Far Can A Drone Fly

It is the most frequently asked question, “How far can a drone fly?” Even when someone sees another person who is flying a drone, may be their first question is, “How far can your drone fly?” It is the matter of puzzles because there are a lot of drones available in market which is different in size, price and design. So every people are searching for the question, that is “How far can A drone fly.”

Before answering the question let us know the impact of a drone in the society. A drone can be used for spying on our enemies, it can also do the surveillance, it can be used for scientifically for the improvement of commercial, agricultural and recreational applications, product delivery etc.. And the second-class use of a drone can  be smuggling.,

Now a days drone is widely used for photography. It gives an aerial view to us, which gives us a different view of our living space. And finally a drone can be used for a toy for kids, 

Really it is confusing, because it can be used for a lot of tasks in our daily, So it is natural to raise the question, “How far can a drone fly?”

Ok let’s find out the answer.

The truth is, it depends on various factors, after knowing the factors you will get your answer. Don’t worry, you will get the answer of the question you want to hear. 

Factors Affecting, “How Far Can a Drone Fly”

It depends on two factors:

  1. Types of drone
  2. Government rules and regulations.

First, let’s have a glance to the types of drones:

There are many classifications of drones depending on Shapes, Size, Range and weight. And it’s widely depends on battery size and control distance between remote control and the drone.

  • Toy Drone
  • Mini Drones
  • Racing Drones
  • Personal Drone
  • Hobby Drones
  • Professional Drones
  • Selfie Drones
  • Military and Civilian Drone

Okay now we will discuss those types of drone that. How far can they fly:

Toy drone:

Toy drones are mainly mini drone, which can be used for learning the flying of drones or can be used as flying toy for kids with some advanced features.

How far can a toy or mini drone fly:

These are drone are made for fun or learning purpose only, It can’t be used for professional purposes. Sometimes a toy is very small in size and it can be easily fitted on to your palm. The toy drone has very little battery life which is between 7 to 12 minutes. Toy drone has a camera but the picture quality will not satisfy you while comparing with professional drone. It has many features like professional drone but maximum of them for learning purposes.

At a glance:

Flying time: 7-12 Minutes.

Charging time: 60 Minutes to 120 Minutes.

Control Range: 50-100 meters

Controller type: Mobile App and / or Remote control

Camera: Less than 2 MP

So we can a toy or mini drone can fly up to 100 meters around the user. After this range it can lose the connection to the pilot. 

Let’s look at the professional drone. Professional drones are used for various purposes like photography, transportation of goods and so on. Professional drones are bigger than mini drone and it cant be fit on the palm. The size of the drone varis with its purpose. Generally a professional drone is costly and full of various features. The battery of a professional drone is more powerful than mini drone and it gives a longer operation time. And the range between the drone and controller is minimum 500 M


At a glance:

Flying time: 25 – 60 Minutes

Charging time: 4-8 Hours

Control Range: 300-5000 meters on average.

Controller type: Remote control and Mobile App

Camera: Up to 4K video shooting.

There are some selfie drone is specially made for selfies, it can follow you while you are moving and can capture your photo by hand gesture or mobile app. This type of drone is specially made for selfies so others features may be absent here. 

So finally a professional drone can fly up to 1000 meter on average and can fly up to 1 hours constantly. 

Now move on military drone. Very few generally people will be interested about a military drone because it is not for the general; people rather these are used by the military and used for military purpose target and decoy, spying or drone attack. Military drone use the airplane engine and the power source can be fuel are used for an aeroplane.  Here the general overview for the military drone for you if you like it. It can be very heavy up to 25 kg or more and can fly up to 10000 meter altitude or more. 

  • Hand-held: Range: 2 km, Altitude: 600m.
  • NATO type: Rangre: 50 km, Altitude: 10,000m.
  • Tactical: Range: 160 km, Altitude: 18,000m.
  • Close type: Range: 10 km, Altitude: 5,000m.
  • High-altitude long endurance: Range: 9,100 km, Altitude: 30,000m.
  • Medium altitude long endurance: Range: 200 km, Altitude: 30,000m.

There are other types of drone which is not for our earth. They are used in the lunar or Mars for research. Maybe you are not interested about that types of drone, but if you are interested, let us know.

So basically the flight height of  a personal drone depends on its battery life and the control range. Another thing which is very important to know, and can control the flying of a drone is the government rules and regulations.

May be your professional drone can fly up to 1000 m but the law of your country does not support to fly that much higher? So then you can not fly up to 1000 m. So govt rules and regulations also control “How far can a drone fly.”

Drone laws and regulations:

How far can a drone fly mostly depended on government law and regulations, you know already. With the increasing popularity of drone state or local government imposed law on it. Because a drone can be easily used for any types of crime, so it is important to maintain the laws and regulations for our own safety.  Day by day the local and state laws are becoming more complex because of the increasing number of the drone in the society. Some rules and regulations allow you to fly your drone as much as it can, while others allow you to fly up to a certain distance. There are a number of resources available on the internet or any portal which can be accessed by local people to learn the laws about flying a drone. A list of state laws is provided by the National Conference of state legislatures. Some reference books are also available for state drone laws.

Sometimes people find these laws are unclear and difficult to understand. For instance, Drones are referred as “pilotless aircraft”in Newton, MA. which is focusing on aircraft which can provide aerial view without the help of pilot. Now we have google. So if you are not able to understand any laws just search on google. You will get the clear view.and all confusion will be removed.

Flying Drones over Neighborhoods:

May be you are thinking that, can you able to fly your drone over private property. At this moment there is no clear law about this. YOU can fly your drone on the area which is yours. But be careful while you are flying your drone. If it runs out of battery and land on a private property, you can be sued for trespassing by the owner of the property.

Limit of a drone, “How high you can fly a drone”

Every country has their own laws about this matter . they give instructions that, how high your drone can fly. Your drone may be able to fly thousands of feet in the air, (recently one hobbyist flew his drone up to 11000 feet), but you can not break the rules of the height. In the united states their law permits a drone to fly up to 400 feet high and in the european Union it is 500 feet from the ground. They made the rules of height to avoid any interference with aircraft. So always check the ru;les of your country or state then fly your drone to avoid any harassment. 

After buying a new drone, maybe you are very excited to know that how high can your drone fly, so you try to reach at the top level of the drone but remember that, by the regulations you can not do that, if the range of your drone exceed the limit approved by government or state authority. Maximum companies have disclaimer about the height altitude, and if you try to fly your drone so high it will lose the necessary lift on its propeller, and remember without proper lift a drone could come crashing down. Also remind that, in the higher altitude, the strongest winds are  apparent. 

So, our recommendation is, you should always think about the safety of the drone and yourself, losing and crashing a drone is not a good idea at all. And keep your eyes on the battery level while you are going to start flying the drone.

Okay. Now we know, which factor affects the “How far can a drone fly.” 

Lets know something extra, which will make you an expert about drones. 

What components make up a drone? 

  1. Body and power supply
  2. Computing and software
  3. Communications and flight controls


Body and power supply

A drone does not have any cockpit or windows. Lithium polymer batteries are used in the small UAVs, whereas Aeroplane engine works best for the larger UAVs.

Computing and software

Autopilot or flight controller system hardware are used for small drones collecting information from sensors. There are three sensors, they are

Exteroception: to collection information about distance.

Ex proprioceptive: to Compareinternal and external state of the aircraft.

Non-cooperative : To detect harmful targets for the aircraft.


Communications and flight controls:

On the high surface drones programs perform an aggressive landing than climb to better communications. Some UAVs has vtol system to varies the modelizzation of flight. Radio frequency are mostly used in a drone. They connect with an antenna and an analog to digital converter. 


Some sins to avoid while flying a drone:

Do not abuse the throttle and make an over speed which causing crush or loss of the frone. Do not fly in those areas which is unknown to you and which is flying zone for active aircrafts. It is illegal to fly drone with five radius of an active airport. When the wind speed is high, do not fly the drone. Be patient to save your drone. Before flying double check the battery status and running the battery until it is empty will be harmful for both your battery and drone. 

Drones are useful and sometimes it provides a lot of fun and enjoyment. After knowing that how far the drone can fly you can use it for photography, agriculture or military. The benefits are more than negatives. Before flying ensure that you have all necessary components to fly. Test the batteries, good weather and functional flight control. 

Technology is improving day by day, one day it will allow us to fly a lot more times with little battery energy and we will be able to enjoy more fun and will be able to fulfill our necessity by using this mini drone. We should use our drone for a good work. Try to do that.

Last word: we have discussed a lot, now you know how far can a drone fly, which factors influence it and which are the obstacles of a drone flying. We hope you have enjoyed this article and you will be able to use this knowledge in your daily life. 

Bill Gates says Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society.


To know the best 5 mini drones check this link. 

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