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Electric bike battery life

Electric bike battery life 2020 (updated)

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2021)

Electric bike battery life

In this post, we will discuss electric bike life battery life. The battery is the heart of an e-bike because it is the power source of it. As it has a battery so, that battery has a battery life and “what is battery life?” Battery performance and longevity measures by battery life. But there are several ways to define battery life: like how much time it can perform on a full charge which is estimated in milliampere-hours by the manufacturer of the battery. 

The number and the quality of cells used in the battery affect the battery life. Battery health and longevity declines with the number of charge cycles it has gone through. But there are many things which can a user do to extend the battery life.

Now we know what is the battery life and the life of the battery of an e-bike is called Electric Bike battery life. 

Everybody wants that any battery he is using in any device that will give a long-lasting performance. Unfortunately, battery performance goes down day by day. Only proper maintenance can increase battery life and protect the battery drain.

Let’s see, how can we increase an electric bike battery life. Our lovely e-bike has many parts, but the main part on which the prices range depends a lot is the battery. The cost of the bike will be high if the performance of the battery is high. 

It is important to know about AH and V of a battery before learning about the electric bike battery life because it has a great impact on battery life and performance. 

What is AH of battery

An AH which is actually ampere-hour is the amount of energy charge in a battery that will allow one ampere of current flow for one hour, that means if your bike battery is 20 AH it will provide 1 ampere of current for 20 hours, Now, If your bike is need 5 amperes for one hour it will last 4 hours. 

An ampere is the unit of measure the rate of electron flow in an electric conductor.

The definition is so hard, let’s simplify it, ‘The more Ah your battery has that mean it will last a long time and the more v has that mean it will provide more power to your bike.”

We hope now it is clear to you.

Now we will describe how to increase our electric bike battery life. Which every e-bike owner wants to know. 

When you buy an e bike for your hobby or any neccesity, the electric bike battery life and the care of the battery is an important thing. Batteries are generally the most expensice parts of an ebike condsidering other parts. Sometingtes its tajes the hald of enitre cost og an ebike. 

So you should confirm to get the life of the battery as much as possible before replaching it.  

There are some habits, if you perfomr those regularly your battery will give you a long liufe and the best performanve as you desire. 

In this article we will discuss about only litjium ion battteries, which are widely used in ebike industry. 

Why does electric bike battery care is important for its battery  life? 

Electric bike batteirs are costly. So you should try to not replace them randomly. It is a true factbtahts lithium ion batteirs lose capacity over time, The man=ximum capacity is diminidhed by age and usages. 

After a certain amount of time, the los tha capacity to hold any charge to give power ta an ebike, this situation is not recoverable and then you need to change your battery. 

If you can change some of your habits, you can increase the life of the battery , and you can use the same battery for a longer time withou any hassel. 

I can compare this thing with an example like, how to keep more juice in your juice box long time. Oh! Not undertanding? I mean How to keep more charge in your attery for long time. 
Lrys find out. 

electric bike battery life

How to get the longer electric bike battery life by electrci bike battery care:

  1. Stop early and often: Stop  is the great way to stop your battery from aging. Stop charging your batery before it reach to its last point, I mean do not charge 100% every time. 

Why? Here the explaintion. Already you have learn that every battery has a certian life cycle that mean how many times it can be chargerd from 0 to 100%. Every 0- 100% complete a cycle. So if you full charge it and untill 0%, you are usuing every cycle every day. 

At the time unboxing of an ebike the Lithium ion battery of the ebike comes with 50-60% charge, beacuase it is the safe percent to store a battery. When you reeuve the ebike, charge its battery up to 100% at the first time. This full charge will ensure the balanching the cells of the bettery for the first time.  An this should be the only time for charging your battery up to 100%

Lithium batteris are like to be “sipped from the top” – that mean you should charge it to about 80% of its capacity and then stop.

You should also be care of about to not discharging it less than 20%.

Actually we want to say that, it is the best, to keep your battery from 20% to 80% all the time. 

You mau realised that you are using only 60 % of your battery, It is true. So, you are thinkinh why would you use only 60% of your batteyr? Anser is, If you dont want to replace your battery more frequently then do this. This will help to keep your battery more powerful and will  ensure a long battery life.

If you are reading this and never bought a battery befor, it is awasome. This tiups will help to reduce the cost of replacing batyery, 

After all this discussion, if you think about the 60% of your battery charge then I am giving you a calculation to figure out theat 60% will not a less then you deamnd. You can easily cover a roundtrip with 60% of your battery life. 

If your battery has 13ah and 48V, here you are getting 624 wh total iun you battery because 48*13 = 624 Wh. and 60% of 624 is 374wh. If you need a average 20 wh for 1 km then you can achive 324/20 = about 19km with you 60% of your battery life.we think it is enough for your round trip for work , offcie erc. Try to satrt charging your battery ag=fter returning home from your work make it 80% and sicharge and you for the next day. If you do this your battery will give a longer life time and the performance will be great for a long time. 

Never charge your battery for a full night, It is very harmful for a bettery and it will reduce the liufe of a beetery to 50% than the catual life. 

  1. Keep it cool. 

Extreme temperture is harmful for a battery life, especilly warmth. 

If you put a fully charged battery at a high temperture area, it dramatically decrese the the life of the battery. 

From the first porint, yuo already know iis not good to charge the battery full all the time. 

When you have finished charging up to the poitn of 80%, find a cool palace to keep your e bike. Never leave it in the direct sun light. And try to avoid warm like conservatory, sunrrom or hot water closet. Besides closed , smalll are are not uusally good.

Find a ventilated, cool and not humid palce to keep your ebike whic has a lithium ion batteyr. 

If your living area is like those, it is awesome. You are living in the best place for your e bike. 

Riding outside in very cold or very hot tempetaure may affect the performance of your battery. It is not possible the situation all the time, we know. But just keep it in your mid, iut will help to incraed your elecrtrci biek battey life. 

  1. Dont puss to hard:

In a single word, do not drive your ebike at a full speed for the best heath your battery. Why ?

Here is the explaination. 

If you really want to keep your battery at a good condition, dont push your ebike vry hard. An ebike thats waorijng hard deamnds a lot of charge of the battery. Your battery will be empty very fast if you always drive it at a full speed. 

If you discharge your battery more that means it need to charge more often. That mean yor are using more battery life span when your are charhign it more frequently for its more discgarge.

Who drive their ebike at a more leisurely pace, they need to cahrge less.  So keep in mind to drive your ebike at a down of 30mph speed all the time. Use the padal assist mode to reduce presue on the ebike battery, and slow down speed will hep to enjoy the beauty of nature. 

  1. Storing Your Battery

Sometimes you need to store the battry for a long time. And if you are thinking that, how to store the battery for a long time. The answer is here. Consider few things when you are going to store your battery for a long time. 

Fisrtly, while storing for a long time , tryinng to keep your battery charged around 60%. Here long period means more than a couple of weeks. This is ideal charge which allow to prolong the life of the battery. More or less charge can stress the cells and make thwir age quicker. 

Also try to keep the battery away from hot waether and keep it a cool palce. The perfec temperture is 59f to 68 f (15c – 20c). Make sure that the place of keeping the battery has no moisture and not a dumo area. Dont place your battery in a place where steam can esily recahe like the upper of a lettle. It can causes of fire in the batteyr.

A cupboard in your house will be the best palce to tore the battery for a long time. 

Few Bous tips:

Bouns tip #1:

Ridiing your bike at a flat speed gives a long battery life. May be you are not clear. That mean try to drive the bike at a speed of 25mph for all the time in your trip or, 20 mph all the time, No matter how much spped it is, but try to stay at a same speed. We know it is not possible to stay falt for all the time of your journey, but there is nothiug harmful if you try to keep it flat whrn possible. 

Most reputaede batteyr h=barndss has their own battery amangemnet  systm, which always prevent the cells dropping dangerously low. 

If you have lights on you ebiuke yhen you should use “flat battery. ”

Because lights use very low electriciy and does not cause uch voltage sag. 

Bonus tip# 2: 

Always clean your battery when it becmes dirty or wet.  Some of the recent batteirs are waterprofe that mean they wont die during a heavy a rain all, but id the battery is not waterprofe , try to keepit away from the water or rain fall. 

So for good performance, clean your battery after a ride if it become dirty. 

Some findings about increasing electric bike batttery life by electric buke batteyr care:

  1. Keep your battery happy to not replace your battery which cost a lot. 
  2. Try not charge it at the 100% and dont discrhe to 0% keep it between 20-80%.
  3. While stoing the battery keep ut at a level of 60 % of charge. 
  4. Store it in a safe , cool amd moiusture frre place. 
  5. Dont push your ebuke so hard, which consumes a lot of abbteyr. 

If you follow those habits your battery will make you happy with a long time battery and hasselfreee and powerfull traveeling all the time time wth your favouirte ebike.

Stay charde all the time. 🙂

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