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(Last Updated On: January 4, 2024)

10 best cat trees for large cats of 2023

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Your cat needs a lot of entertainment. Especially if you live in an apartment where the space for a cat is not sufficient. While searching for the best cat trees for large cats, it is time to buy a sturdy and durable cat tree.

Don’t be puzzled by a lot of cat trees in the Market, here we have found the most eulogized cat trees for large cats from the real buyer and user from the United States of America.

Top Pick best cat tree for large cats

For Multiple Cats & one of the best.

  • Best for multiple large cats.
  • All in one design.
  • Lots of spaces.
  • Competitive price.

Best Budget-Friendly cat trees for large cats:

FEANDREA Cat Tree, Large Cats Tower

  • Buy within 100 USD.
  • It can support up to two large cats.
  • Durable and Stable.

Best cat tree for a small apartment:

Table for best cat trees

NameCapacityBest forHeightPriceRecommendation
1. IMUsee 68 Inches Multi-Level Large Cat Tree44 lbsThree large catsTOP Pick for multiple large cats
1. FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats50 lbsThree large cats67 inchescheck
2. FEANDREA Cat Tree, Large Cats Tower30 LbsTwo Large cats64.6 inchescheckBest Budget Friendly
3. Vesper Cat Furniture, Cat Trees18 lbsOne Large Cat47.9 inchescheckBest for Small Apartment
4. Tangkula Modern Wood Cat Tree for large cats14-25 LbsTwo Large cats69 inchescheck
5. Prestige Cat Trees - Large Main Coon Cat Tower20 lbsOne Maine Coon cat65 inchescheck
6. Made4Pets Modern Cat Tree25 lbsOne Large Cat65.6 Inchescheck
7. Ace - PetPals Cat Tree & Cat Condo15 lbsOne large cat49 inchescheck
8. Amazon Basics Multi-Level Cat Tree with Scratching Posts20 lbsOne large cat65.36 inchescheck
9. BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree20 lbsOne large cat62.22 inchescheck

1. IMUsee 68 Inches Multi-Level Large Cat Tree

IMUsee 68 Inches Multi-Level Large Cat Tree

Key Points to buy:

  • This cat tree is specially made for big cats, as you are searching for the best cat trees for big cats, it can be a great choice.
  • Can use it for more than one cat at a time. It is more spacious and comfortable for cats.

Pros at a glance:

    • Great for large cats.
    • Sturdy.
    • Made with natural elements.


  • No cons.

Is it good for large cats?

The manufacturers demand that it can easily hold up to 44 lbs. In real-life usage, we have found it is true. We could accommodate one fat big cat and a small cat simultaneously in this cat tree. The dimension of the base is 20×16″ which is really amazing to hold. It is a stable and sturdy cat tree for big cats. 

Why have we selected it for you?

Multilayered Design:

The pets will enjoy it a lot because it offers more spaces to climb and play. The multiple layers are made of CARB-certified P2-grade particle board which provides super durability and stability for the cats. The posts are coiled with natural sisal. Here you will get a stripe to attach it to the wall so it can not tip over. 

Comfortable place that will be loved by the cats:

For big cats, it is urgent to provide a spacious cat tree as well as a stable position so that it can hold the cat all the time while playing or climbing. Additionally, it has two fluffy condos to keep the cats warm. To draw the kitten’s attention it has three furry balls. The scratching ladder and sisal coiled posts will be loved by the cats as a result they will not scratch the furniture. 

Sturdy and Durable:

The solid-built structure with soft plush and sisal rope coil makes it more durable and cat friendly.

Key points to not buy:

Lack of proper instruction. 

Is it a heavy-duty cat tree that can fit in a small apartment?

Unfortunately, it is not suitable for small apartments. It is big and occupied more space. As it is mad for big cats, It is good for them but not good for small apartments. 

Our Final Words:

If you have a large cat and another small cat, this cat tree can accommodate both at a time. So, go for this, if you have enough space in your apartment and have one large cat and more small cats.

2. FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats

Key Points to buy:

  • It is a luxury and exclusive cat tree.
  • All in one design. One place to play, Nap, and jump around. 
  • It is a multi-layered play house containing two condos and three perches. 
  • CARB certified particle boards to ensure durability and stability. 
  • Reinforced sisal natural rope cover scratching post. 
  • Good customer service before and after purchasing.

Pros at a glance:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Great quality cat tree.
  • Accommodates  almost all types of big cats. 
  • Lots of spaces, rooms, and perches for cats.
  • Lots of scratcher posts.


  • Low-quality carpet.

 Is it good for large cats?

It is a perfect and most recommended cat tree for large cats. It is good for up to 10 cats weighing 12 to 18lbs. So don’t worry if you have two or three large cats. It can handle up to 50 lbs of weight with its sturdy and durable material. It has a lot of space with two condos. It is highly recommended if you have two large cats and you are searching for cat trees for large cats. 

Why have we selected it for you?

This cat tree comes with three perches: the cat tree has three perches and all are sturdy to keep the big cats. So your cat will feel safe and enjoy the leisure time. 

Large Scratching pad: Cats love to scratch and this cat tree has a huge number of scratchers. 

Natural sisal rope scratching pad: The scratching post is made with natural sisal rope. Which is healthy for cats.

Best quality materials: the cat tree is made with premium particle board to ensure high durability and safe jumping of the cat. 

Made with the experience of a professional design team: A dedicated designer team has designed the cat tree and the supporting tubes are made with compressed and high-density cardboard. 

Key points to not buy:

Carpets are thin and will rip off after one year of use. Though the cat tree is sturdy enough, a lot of users complained about the carpet. Some users said that it is not suitable for MAINE COON. If you can ignore these problems, it will be a good purchase. 

Is it a heavy-duty cat tree that can fit in a small apartment?

It is made with CARB-certified natural particle boards and battens are used here for overall stability and usability as well as as it is a wide, long, and heavy-duty cat tree for large cats but unfortunately it is not suitable for small apartments and it will not fit well there as it is too much tall and wide. 

Final Words:

This is our second review from the same brand FEANDREA. And it is highly recommended from our side for its usability. Though there are some cons but very few. Your cat will love the tree. And you will be happy to put it in your home as it can be a good decoration item.

3. FEANDREA Cat Tree, Large Cats Tower


Key points to buy: 

  • Can be used for small things. Large and extra-large cats.
  • A lot of spaces.
  • Scratching part in every post. 
  • A cave for safety and privacy.
  • Safe and durable. 

Pros at a glance:

  • This cat tree can accommodate two large cats at the same time.
  • Looks classic.
  • Solid build and large space for the cats.


  • It is not suitable for corners.

 Is it good for large cats?

It is a cat tree that is made for multiple large cats. If you have two cats and their weight is 13-15 lbs, don’t worry. It will do its job. It will be able to accommodate near about 30 lbs and will be stable for the weight. So while you are searching for the best cat trees for large cats, it would be our second recommendation. There is a spacious room. Wide perches and a number of scratchers post those make it really a good cat tree for multiple small size cats and especially for two large cats. You should be more careful about the place where you are going to set up this tree. An uneven place can make it unstable for cats.

Why have we selected it for you?

Large: Yes. It is big and huge enough for small to big cats. On every level cats will get a huge perch to sit,  they will enjoy and feel comfortable at a time. 

All in one park for a cat: in the cat tree 2 large perches, 1 room, 1 hammock, 1 basket, 3 furballs are included. So your cat will be busy with this attractive tower and will enjoy the endless fun. 

Safety and Fun together: As this cat tree has a reinforcement base plate and a kit to avoid anti-slip, so if the energetic cat jumps on the tower nothing will happen. The basket will give the cats a floating feeling. 

The decorative item for the room: The design is too good to use as a decorative item for the room. It will take up valuable space and will give an aesthetic feeling. 

Is it a heavy duty cat tree that can fit in a small apartment?

It is a heavy duty cat tree that can hold up to 30.8 lbs but it is a big size cat tree that is why we can not recommend it for a small apartment. 

The Final Word: 

Here all the cat trees we have selected for you are best. Now you should compare your necessary features to select. This cat tree is large and well built and looks good so it can be a consideration for you while you are searching for the best cat trees for large cats.

4. Vesper Cat Furniture, Cat Trees

Key Points to buy:

  • Soft memory foam for the bed.
  • A number of scratching posts. 

Pros at a glance:

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Memory and easy to clean.


  • Scratching ropes are not durable.
  • Not good for big cats or multiple cats.
  • Design is not decorative.

Is it good for large cats?

The weight of the cat tree is 40 lbs and the base size is 22.1*22.1 inches which makes it a stable cat for large cats. But remember that it will not be the best cat tree for multiple large cats. At this price, we hoped for more space so that it can accommodate multiple large cats as it has the ability to keep. But unfortunately, it will be good for multiple smaller cats and one large cat up to 18 lbs. 

Why have we selected it for you?

Innovative design: the vesper cat furniture has a high base, made with cat-friendly materials with perfect craftsmanship. So you can hope for an item of modern and perfect cat furniture which can satisfy your daily need,  

A lot of spaces for cats: the cat tower has a good combination of cat houses, cat condos, and towers. Including cat shelf and cat perch platforms. Cat beds and tunnels are strategically placed beside the scratching area. The cat will enjoy the observation deck.

Natural cat-friendly materials: It is a good quality MDF board. It is sturdy and hardy enough for large cats. The plush cushions make it the perfect cat need for indoor cats. It has a cat box to give that shelter, safety, and privacy. 

Key points to not buy:

There are failings of purchase and hammocks and so on. It will not be suitable for multiple cats. We don’t like the design. If you select the high base version you will get some extra perches for multiple cats. 

Is it a heavy duty cat tree that can fit in a small apartment?

This cat tree is made with a high-quality MDF board so it is sturdy and the height of this cat tree is 47.9 inches. Though it is not suitable for corners you can keep it in a small apartment for its height. 

Our Final Words:

We are not recommending this cat tower for large cats as the cat tower is small and lacks spaces, you will get a number of the great cat trees in this price range.

5. Tangkula Modern Wood Cat Tree for large cats

best cat trees for large cats

Key points to buy:

  • Multifunctional 69-inch tall cat tree tower for large cats.
  • Made with a selected particleboard and PVC edge.
  • Super soft and comfortable flannel.
  • Removable mats are washable.
  • Enjoyable sleeping and observation zone. 
  • Resting and leaping panel

Pros at a glance:

  • Nice looking.
  • Well built.
  • Easy to clean
  • Attractive,
  • Scratching post.
  • The cat will love it.


  • We have found no cons but delivery time. 

Is it good for large cats?

As you want to buy a cat tree which will be suitable for you that’s why here we are giving you some information related to the cat weight. 

This heavy duty cat tree is perfect up to 14 lbs and we have tested it by 7 lbs and 11 lbs. And it was absolutely fine and sturdy enough. Based on the user reviews and considering the size and dimension of this cat tree, it is perfect for two large cats

As it is 69 inches tall and has a number of sitting spaces for cats, we can recommend it as the best tree for large cats. If you have multiple cats then you can purchase one of these and it will perfectly accommodate all the cats but we recommend you to buy it for up to three cats.

Why have we selected it?

6 layer platform with a big room: as the kitties are very curious, it is not safe to build a tall tree without any layer. The Tangkula modern wood cat tree has a 6 layer platform to keep the pet safe from any injury. The spacious big room with cushions makes sure the cats sleep for the large cats. 

The natural atmosphere for the large cats: it creates a natural environment for the cat as well as it is very safe. It can be used as an element of decoration for your house. It is very practical and can be used in all types of houses from large to small.


Protection for the cat paws: To protect the claws of cats from being scratched it has soft plush fabrics covering and those are very essential as the paws of a kitten are very soft and tender. High-quality sisal rope is used to wound tightly for each column which is helpful to climb up and sharpen their claws. 

Durable structure: The structure of the cat tree is sturdy and the weights of all the columns are well balanced so that the cat will be safe and won’t fall down while jumping. To ensure the long service life the columns are made with PVC pipe and covered with sisal rope. 

Key points not to buy: 

Manufacturers demand that the assembly process is not so hard but it is their duty to provide instruction on how to assemble it. If you need, you should contact customer care and they will provide online instruction.

Is it a heavy duty cat tree that can fit in a small apartment?

Yes, It is a heavy duty cat tree. Based on user reviews it can be said a heavy duty tall cat tree that can easily fit in a small apartment. 

The bottom line:

At this price, it is a good one to choose. The detailed review will help you to make a purchase decision. As it is sturdy and safe for your kitten as well as it can be used as a decoration item, so if you like the design you can select it.

6. Prestige Cat Trees - Large Main Coon Cat Tower

Key Points to buy:

  • Solid wood is used in the frame.
  • Good quality carpet and materials.
  • Good and spaced enough for multiple cats. 
  • Easy to assemble.

Pros at a glance:

  • Solid and durable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Best for multiple cats
  • Good quality scratching rope.
  • High-quality carpets. 


  • You will not get the same color as the picture
  • The beds are too close for multiple large cats.
  • The price is high.
  • Scratcher is on one pole only. 
  • No room for cats
  • No soft cushion.
  • Price is higher than others. 
  • No chewing balls for cats.
  • No hammocks.

Is it good for large cats?

We know the main coon is a large cat breed and the weight can be up to 18 lbs. This cat tree is made for the main coon breed so it can hold up to 20 lbs, which means it is made for large cats. But is it really for large cats? Let’s explain.  The beds are large but close to each other. So that it is good for only one cat that can move perfectly but for two cats, they will face trouble.  The levels are too close together and not so big but for a large cat, the perches area should be more spacious. Finally, it is good for two small-sized cats or one large cat. It may not be one of the best cat trees for large cats for the perch size but the cat tree is well built and sturdy. 

Why have we selected it for you?

Made for large, extra-large, and multiple cats: This cat tree is designed to accommodate two or multiple cats at a time. It is perfect for those large cat breeds such as Maine Coon, British shorthair, or ragdoll. 

Big and functional: This cat’s furniture is beautifully big and functional. 

Plush Household Carpet: as we know that carpet is one of the most important factors. Here they have used high-quality plush, thick, and household grade quality, made in USA carpet. The carpet lasts for a long time.  

Solid wooden materials: solid wood makes the cat tree stable. Long-lasting and safe for the kitty. As the kitty will jump, play, sleep and relax here, the solid wood will help to keep the weight of your large cat. Where cardboard can cause instability and wobbliness. 

Unoiled rope (sisal): The manufacturer of prestige cat trees demands that they have used high-quality sisal rope as the scratcher rather than using the poor quality rope. Here ⅜ inches of rope have been used and they have ensured that the rope is extremely tight so that cat will not able to loosen it. 

Handcrafted: Proudly made in the USA and it is handcrafted. No tools are required to assemble.

Colors: Natural colors are used here, which is healthy for the cat’s health and for the room environment.

Key points not to buy:

It is sturdy and durable but at the top, there is only one perch, as well as there is no room for the cats to take a rest. We think adding a room will give more comfort and privacy to the cat. It is not so tall. And we don’t like the colors. As it is built with solid wood, it is more costly than others. And there is a lack of scratching posts. 

Is it a heavy duty cat tree that can fit in a small apartment?

Yes, it can fit well in a small apartment and is sturdy enough to support your cat for a longer time. Too much durable and well built 

The final word:

No double is a solid build, a sturdy and most durable cat tree. But there are some failings too. If you are searching for a solid cat tower and do need any rooms for your cat, then you can buy it. We suggest it if you have multiple large cats.

7. Made4Pets 65.6 Inches Modern Cat Tree

Key Points to buy:

  • Assembly instruction comes with a QR code. Just scan to open the video.
  • Custom perches can be used here.
  • Will fulfill the daily needs of the cats.
  • Impressive design as living room furniture.
  • Lots of sisals warped scratching posts.
  • It has a hammock and a cozy condo and is perfect for large cats.
  • High-quality materials are used here. 

Pros at a glance:

  • Looks good, smart, and clean design.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Have room for the cats.
  • Enough tall 
  • Good quality mats and scratcher rope.


  • Not for such a big cat.
  • Lack of hammock.
  • Some users will not like the narrow design.

Is it good for large cats?

Yes, it will be good for large cats up to 25 lbs. And the spacious condo can accommodate your lovely large cat perfectly. So if you are thinking of buying the best cat trees for large cats within 100 USD it is recommended. But if you have two large cats then it is not recommended from our side. 

Why have we selected it for you?

Design and performance: it is too practical and sturdy. Made with natural materials, which care for cat health. It serves the rest and playing needs of all types of cats including large cats. The design is modern and elegant. It can be used as fashionable and clean designed furniture.  

Modern and traditional: it looks clean and modern. The main part of the cat tree is covered with a grain of wood that looks more modern. Mats are washable and easy to clean. As well as ensure good comfort for the cats. It has a large soft plush hammock to give cozy bed feelings for the cat. 

Solid built and well constructed: the double layer base and thick board make it stable while cats are jumping and moving. It has reinforcement scratching posts to ensure safety. You will get safety straps to prevent the toppling of the tower. 

Sisal Covered scratching posts: to keep your cat healthy scratching is essential and to help the scratching it has 7 scratching posts which are fully covered with natural sisal rope. The scratch-resistant texture gives the cat more natural freedom from scratching on the tree. As a large cat gives extra force it can handle it.

A lot of fun: it has six levels of platforms where the cat can climb, play, lounge, and rest. It has a condo to have a quiet sleep for the cat. Your lovely large cat will enjoy the nap on the hammock and will enjoy the top view from the top of the tree. Additionally, it has the dangling ball to give extra fun to the cat.,

Key points to not buy:

  • Some cats will not be attracted to it. They will not use it. 
  • It is too narrow.


Is it a heavy duty cat tree that can fit in a small apartment?

This cat tree is 65.5 inches tall, and the dimension 22.8’’L x 15.7” W x 65.6” H. It is made with CARB-certified Board, Plush Fabric, Sisal Rope so it will be a heavy-duty cat tree for up to 25 lbs cats. It is long enough but not so wide with a corner design. So you will be able to use it in a small apartment but if you live in a small apartment we recommend buying a shorter one  

Final Words from us:

Overall the design is modern but if you want to buy a cat tree for a big cat then we are not recommending it. There is no issue with materials but it is too narrow for the bigger one. If you have a small cat then it is recommended for you.

8. Ace - PetPals Cat Tree & Cat Condo

Ace - PetPals Cat Tree & Cat Condo-Four Level Perch & Condo Lounger1

Key Points to buy:

  • Design is too unique.
  • Made with environmentally friendly recycled paper.
  • A good decoration item for the living room.
  • The spacious long condo for large cats.
  • Multiple scratchers.

Pros at a glance:

  • Made with environmentally friendly materials.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Looks good 
  • The cat will love it.
  • Spacious private room for the cat.


    • Lack of space.
    • Not suitable for large cats.
    • No hammock.
    • Only one room.

Is it good for large cats?

No, it is not suitable for large cats. Though the manufacturer demands that it can hold up to 15 lbs for multiple cats, it starts wobbling with the multiple cats more than lbs each. So we can not recommend it for multiple large cats. As the design is pretty good and smart you can consider it for only one cat up to 12-14 lbs. 


Why have we selected it for you?

The design and style: This the most unique designed cat tree we have reviewed yet. You will fall in love with the black and white stripe design. The black and white twisted cross pattern design is made with paper rope. It can hold up to 15 lbs of cat 

Multiple Scratching posts: It comes with 5 different scratching posts which will help your cat to scratch. 

Easy installation: You will need just 10 minutes to install the entire cat tree. And you will receive all the necessary tools with the package. 

Key Points to not buy:

While testing this unit, we have found some failings which is enough reason to not buy this aesthetic cat tree. At first, it is not too high for the large cats and the distance between one surface to another surface is too high to jump for a small cat where you are searching for a cat tree for large cats. We think the advertisement is not in a proper way and gigging a piece of exact information. The basket and the bottom house are not so soft. You may have to buy a soft towel to give the cat extra comfort. 

Is it a heavy duty cat tree that can fit in a small apartment?

It is made with recycled paper rope and the perimeter of the base is 27 x 19 inches and the weight of this cat tree is 17 pounds. As it is not too long it will be stable but we don’t think it will be a heavy-duty cat tree for a long time but it will fit in a small apartment as the size and dimensions are not so big. 

Our Final words:

So if you love nature you may be going to buy it, but if you think about the money you will get a lot of better options than this for large cats. Though the design is too unique and will attract the cats. But the others are also attractive. So before making purchase decisions we recommend reading all the reviews carefully. It is not so tall and not so wide.

9.Basics Multi-Level Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

Key Points to buy:

  • It is made with durable chipboard and covered with plush carpeting. So the cat will be safe and it will be comfortable for them.
  • Multiple layers make it a spacious cat tree where the cats will get enough space to jump, climb, relax, and take naps.
  • The scratching posts are covered with jute rope to healthy scratch for the cats.
  • It has two spacious rooms to accommodate multiple cats and it is sturdy enough for big cats.  

Pros at a glance:

    • Well made for single large cats.
    • Good quality chipboard materials.
    • Easy to assemble.
    • Good for multiple small cats
    • Assembly tools are included with the package.


    • You have to select from a lot of options and different prices. You may become confused. As well as it is not suitable for multiple large cats. 

Is it good for large cats?

It is good for those cats whose weight is up to 16 lbs, you should buy it if your cat is not more than 16 labs and if you have multiple cats make sure their total weight is not more than 25 lbs. As we have selected the dual condo version it can be good for large cats because of its stability but we think you have another option to choose from in our previous selection of cat trees. 

Why have we selected it for you?

Dedicated playing space: to relax the kitty it has four flat spaces and two condos. The kitty will enjoy the playing. The design is made for the cat’s satisfaction and multiple playing items have been added here for the cats. 

Sturdy design: the cat tree is durable. It is made with natural jute fiber which is healthy for cats. The plush carpeting all over the tree provides extra comfort to the cats. And the sturdy chipboard ensures longevity and durability for long time use. 

Multiple scratching pillars: all the pillars are covered with natural jute rope. Jute rope confirms the satisfaction of the kitties to scratch. Scratching is healthy for the cat so they will not destroy home carpets and other furniture if you bring it for your cats. 

Multiple tires: it has multiple carpeted platforms and the top perches will help the cat to get a bird view which they really like. Cats will also love the private condos to hide and sleep. 

Key points to not buy: 

At this price, it is offering something good. But you could get something better for your large cat. The pulse carpet is not a good choice and they have used jute rope here. You have to be careful about the hanging bell. Remove it if your cat starts to chew it. Last but not least it is not as durable as the manufacturers are claiming. 

Is it a heavy duty cat tree that can fit in a small apartment?

It is a durable cat tree that is made from natural jute fiber and sturdy chipboard so it will provide a reliable strength so we can call it a heavy duty cat tree but it will not fit in a small apartment.

Our Final words:

While selecting some items to recommend we try to select the best, so here every item we are reviewing is good. But to give you the best information we are reviewing in detail. The cat tree is quite good but we don’t like the design too much. A cat tree is not only a cat tree but also a decorative item for your room. Again the price is a little bit slower than the others. So you can buy it if you don’t want to invest more money in a cat tree. But your cat deserves something best.

10. BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree

Key Points to buy:

So we like it because it is perfect for large cats. As you are searching for the best cat tree for large cats, It can take up to 15 – 18 pounds. We like the design. Though it is a classically designed cat tree you will get all the fasciitis. It has two spacious rooms and one is extra-large so your large cat will enjoy the room. 

Pros at a glance:

  • Well made
  • Easy to assemble
  • A number of scratching posts.
  • Good design and best for fat cats


  • Not good for tall cats
  • Traditional design and
  • Some units have cheap built materials.

 Is it good for large cats?

It is suitable for 15-18 pounds cats and they will love it. So this is not suitable for having multiple large cats of more than 20 lbs. It has large and spacious rooms and another is smaller. So if you have two cats, one is large and another is medium then it will be the perfect choice for you. But it can not be the best cat tree for large cats.

Why have we selected it for you?

Large, roomy, and enjoyable cat tree: the cat tree has 3 nice cushioned platforms. The platforms have raised edge endings to provide. Two spacious houses make the kitty’s sleep sound and comfortable. It has a Cozy hammock, jingly balls, and several platforms to jump and climb up and down. You will like the design of it most. 

Durable and stable: You know how essential durability and stability are for a cat tree. And it is one of the most durable and stable cat trees we have reviewed. Solid build construction and a strong base make it perfect for large cats. To get extra stability while using it for multiple cats or large it has a wall anchor strap. 

Top-quality Pulse covering: to give extra comfort to the cats and make them more attractive to the cat tree, it is featured with good quality pulse covering. As well as it will make your living room more beautiful.

Easy assembling: too easy to assemble and the look is awesome. All the required tools are included in the package. 

Key points to not buy: 

Here we are reviewing the cat trees for large cats and they can be of two types. One can be tall and another can be fat. It is totally good for fat cats but not for tall cats. Sometimes you will feel that the fabrics are cheap. 

Is it a heavy duty cat tree that can fit in a small apartment?

This cat tree is made with a CARB P2 grade environmental board and has a plush fabric covering with the dimension of 36.61″L x 30.71″W x 62.20″H. It would be a heavy duty cat tree if you use it for only one large cat and a small size cat. But it will not be suitable and fit for the small apartment. 

Final words from our side:

Finally, we have reviewed the last product we have selected for the best cat trees for large cats. We have reviewed 10 and we hope now you have enough information to make the purchase decision.


1. Is this made out of natural real wood or pvc?

Mainly car trees and towers are made with MDF board, cardboard, or natural wood. It depends on the price and purpose. As the large cats need more stability so those cat trees which are made for large cats are made with natural wood which can take the weight. Different parts of the cat trees are made with different items 

2. Can you put a cat tree in your bedroom?

Yes. You can put a cat tree in your bedroom. But we recommend putting it in your drawing room so that you can free yourself from the furs.

3. Where is the best place to put a cat tree?

The best place to put a cat tree in the corner of a room, and most of the cat trees have the design that it can be placed in the corner. 

4. Is it OK to confine a cat to one room?

No, we don’t recommend it. Cats love to play and enjoy. You can buy a cat tree for your cats and they can use it. But never confine a cat to one room.

5. Do indoor cats need cat trees?

Yes, cat trees are essential for indoor cats. Here they can take a rest. Play and hide. Basically, cats love to stay in a higher place. Most of the cat tree has scratcher posts. Scratching is the natural behavior of a cat and it is healthy. In the outdoors, they can scratch the tree but indoors, they can scratch the furniture if you don’t buy a scratcher for them. A cat tree can be a good choice. If you have a large indoor cat you should buy a cat tree which will be perfect for large cats.

6. Do cat trees have to be by a window?

Yes, the can tree should be placed near the window so that the cats can observe what’s happening outside, and they love to do it.

7. Where do you put a cat litter box in a small apartment?

You can put your litter box in the linen closet and if it is not possible you can put it in the laundry room or near the bathroom, you can also put it in the cabinet of the bathroom.

8. Is it cruel to lock a cat in a room at night?

No, it is okay and you keep them in a room at night for their safety and preparation for the other rooms.

9. Is it cruel to keep a cat in an apartment?

No. just keep in mind that they need much playtime and be careful about that so that they never get hurt or be neglected.

10. Do all cats like cat towers?

Most of the cats love the cat tower but there are some different cats who do not like it. But you can buoy because by the time they can like it if they find it a place for laying, sleeping and rest. 

11. How many cat trees do I need for 2 cats?

You can buy only one, but try to buy a bigger one which has two rooms and enough perches.

12. Can I put my cat’s litter box in the bathroom?

Yes. If you don’t have enough space you can use the bathroom for keeping the litter box.

13. Do cats prefer open or closed litter boxes?

Cats prefer an open litter box so that they can be sure that they are watching any upcoming threats.

14. Are indoor cats happy?

If your cat gets enough time to play, plenty of food, and a natural environment then surely the indoor cats are happy. Moreover, they live stress-free life so they should be happy. 

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